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Episode Reaction: "Florida"

The other comment threads on the internet aren't doing it for me. This episode is an important one in the shipper lexicon and I want to hear what this community has to say about it.


Spoilers below...

Personally, it was a bit bitter than I dared hope. They addressed the issue head-on in a way I thought would be impossible given the show's frenetic pace. And I can accept the reasoning, and think it even gives a little insight into Jack.


Two little tidbits. I thought the Jenna reveal was kinda cool, especially that he would keep it from her until now. The second was Jack's initial reaction to the question, suggesting Liz was trying to conjure up his mother. I think it clinches the theory that Colleen's been shipping them all along. So there's that to cling to.


Jan. 19th, 2013 09:50 pm (UTC)
Except, she thinks that he is a bit of "slut" and Liz knows Jenna has a lot of sex as well, so I don't think she would be all that put off by it. Who knows, maybe she even suspected it?

In the context of the scene, I don't see why Liz would be really angry about Jack not telling her something like that. It was awhile ago, as was the whole thing with Danny. Maybe if she found out when it was happening or when he was hypocritically criticizing her for making out with Danny, then she might be upset. But, I personally don't see him not telling her as being particularly unforgivable... People have secrets, and someone who's in her 40's would probably be well aware of that. She could be put off, but there was nothing there to attack him for.