The Rural Juror (demilybones) wrote in 30_rock,
The Rural Juror

Remember Me? [CH1]

Title: Remember Me?

Timeline: Post season-6 finale.

Summary: When Liz wakes up in the hospital having lost three years of memory, she’s about to find out just how much things have changed. Inspired by Sophie Kinsella’s novel of the same name. All belongs to her and Tina; I own nothing!

Pairing: Jack/Liz


Owww. When Liz Lemon half-wakes up, she’s so woozy that she can’t think, let alone open her eyes. She lies there for a while, wondering if it is morning yet, and why her head hurts so much. Bits of the night before swim in her head, and she has the impression that there was some heavy drinking involved. Certainly a monstrous hangover would explain her splitting headache.

God, she is never drinking again, ever.

Somewhere far off she thinks there is a voice…but no, she has to sleep…

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