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30_rock's Journal

30 Rock- A Comedy About Sketch Comedy
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Welcome to the first original one stop community for 30 Rock, the place for Tina Fey's Emmy winning sitcom! Come share discussions about the characters, stars, episodes, icons, graphics, banners and more.

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About the Community
This is the place where fans of Tina Fey's extremely funny, smart, show 30 Rock can gather to exchange conversations, icons, banners, graphics and so much more.

30 Rock airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC
1. Please be kind!- No flaming of the members in the community or cast members of the show! We all know how to conduct ourselves in public.

2. Fan Fiction- Fanfic is of course welcome, it's part of the fandom fuel! Please be sure to give a title, a rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), and a little summary. All fanfic rated R or NC-17 must be friends locked.

3. LJ-Cuts- Lj-cuts can be your best friend. Icons, banners, pictures, insanely long articles, are completely welcome, heck they're expected, but please use your best judgment and use an lj-cut. :)

4. Posts- Since this is an open, public community, please keep the foul language down to a minimum.

-Please do not post entries about other communities, they will be deleted. If you want to affiliate, please click the Afilliate's link below to read the rules and apply.

-Please keep posts on topic. Anything not related to 30 Rock will be deleted.

-We have a lovely tagging system, PLEASE USE IT and tag your entries appropriately.

-It’s not required that you make your posts friends only, but if you want to, that’s fine as well.

-And please, do not TyPe LiK DiS. If you do your post will be deleted.

5. Episodes- Finding out spoilers suck, so for new episodes please put the discussions under a cut until everyone has seen it. West Coast people like surprises too. :D

6. Have fun!
Drop us a line here if you want to affiliate!

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